The new Lexus LS.

Because others need something to aspire to.

  • Experience the LS journey

    Since the first LS was launched in 1989, Lexus has never slowed in its
    relentless pursuit of perfection.

    Each LS generation set new industry standards and showcased
    class-leading excellence.

  • 1989

    LS 400

    It displayed superb engine performance and gained global admiration and approval. This was a level of design, performance and quality that no other vehicle could match up to.

  • 1994

    LS 400

    The bar was raised yet again. Delivering remarkable cabin quietness and an effortlessly smooth drive, the second-generation LS was the best luxury sedan of its time.

  • 2000

    LS 430

    Every detail in the third-generation LS reflected fine craftsmanship and engineering.
    With the best of everything in a luxury vehicle, it outshone the competition.

  • 2006

    LS 460

    The fourth-generation LS showcased breakthroughs in safety and engineering to enhance comfort, convenience and performance.

  • 2007

    LS 600h

    The Luxury Hybrid brought together two seemingly contrasting notions. It achieved remarkable acceleration, yet minimized environmental impact.

  • 2013

    The new LS

    Combining absolute opulence and industry-leading technology, the Lexus flagship sedan takes a bold step forward.

What makes the LS the best?


Unparalleled quality

Unrivaled cabin quietness

Cutting-edge technologies

Extraordinary smoothness of ride

Unparalleled quality

Through the years, Lexus has been committed
to constant improvements.

The LS leads this pursuit of excellence and continues
to achieve the highest levels of quality in every car.

Unrivaled cabin quietness

The world’s quietest car is even quieter now.

By eliminating every possible source of noise, cabin quietness is enhanced for the finest in-car experience.

Cutting-edge technologies

We innovate and adopt new technologies to exceed
our customers’ expectations of comfort, convenience
and performance. But it doesn’t stop there.

Combining extensive research and feedback
from LS drivers, these technologies are matured
and further refined.

Extraordinary smoothness of ride

To ensure supreme smoothness, vehicles are test-driven across a variety of terrains at the Shibetsu Proving Ground in Hokkaido, Japan.

Even until today, the LS DNA is at the very heart of Lexus
and its flagship sedan.

This is perfection. This is the 2013 LS.

The best at any moment in time.

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